Contemporary architectural projects

NARTARCHITECTS STUDIO's primary objective is to implementate, create, design, exclusive contemporary architectural projects within high-level requirements. Architecture is interpreted in the widest possible spectrum, our profession extends from architectural, interior design urban and landscape projects. We belive that these technical and conceptual areas are permeable, closely connected to each other.

The artistic and high technical quality of architectural works requires appropriate coordination and communication with various areas complex approaches. In the reason to fully understand the founder's goal, we like to close co-operate with him during the whole process, from the early sketches to the end of the construction. It can be created only with the cooperation of the various fields of representatives of team work; moreover the ecological and economic points of view have to be apart of the planning. Meanwhile, we cannot forget even just a second that human being is always have to be in our focus while we working.

All members of the STUDIO work in this spiritual context.

Csaba Kovacs

Owner, founder, director of architecture and interior design

In the 1980's, in my early stage of studying architecture, I wanted to grasp partial and complex thinking methods to use it for designing. Later, this aspiration remained what let me longer learning path than normally usual: having graduation in the Budapest University of Technology and Economics and gaining a few work experience, I continued my studies in the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest learning furniture and interior design.

Later, finishing my graduation in the University and gaining work experience in Netherland, me and my friends founded our Architect Studios called Art Front. My working method commited for the architectural quality, empathy, and for the complexity of human existence characterized by susceptibility.

In 2009 I created a new studio, called NART. Many people asked for the explanation of the name, why Nart? Narts are the closest relatives of the ancient hungarian tribes called Aláns and Oszets. I took inspiration from a book which was published in that year about the Nart tribe legends, and also I was born in Jaszbereny, Hungary, I made my choice wisely. We were in the business more than a year, giving answer over and over again about the company name, when I realised that it can be explained also as New Art Front and Natural Art as well.

However, the name of the brand working under my lead is furious, besides it has many explanation for understanding, my commitment had not changed: collaborating with my collegues and clients, I would like to design high quality contemporary architectural projects, which contains and integrates various values like tradition, future aspect, imagination and reality, knowledge, experience and creativity.